National S'mores Day Recipes and Ideas

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Today is National S'mores Day. For national S'mores Day why not host a S'mores party with a S' mores bar. Our Raspberry Nutella and Chocolate S'more is so delicious and simple to make. Add it to the bar along with other toppings for your guests to choose from.

Nutella S'mores Recipe

  • Original marshmallows

  • Homemade or the best raspberry jam

  • Hersey's chocolate bars

  • Nutella hazelnut spread

  • Graham crackers

First, toast your marshmallow to the perfect melting point. See our directions here: The Perfect toasted marshmallow. Next spread Nutella, and raspberry jam on a square of graham cracker. Next place chocolate square on the top. Finally, add the perfectly warm toasted marshmallow. Top with a second square of graham cracker and press together. Enjoy!

Sweet Tip:

Be sure to have your cracker ready for the marshmallow so you can place the marshmallow on top while it is still hot so your chocolate will melt for the perfect S'mores.

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