My Mostly Natural Migraine Protocol


*I am in no way a doctor I am simply sharing what works for me. Please talk to your doctor and even get second and third opinions if you are suffering.

For me, migraines start very suddenly in my late 30’s. I literally didn’t know what was happening. My first migraine looked like a stroke. Half my face was numb, I was having a hard time talking and then came the kaleidoscope flashing lights and a blurry blind spot in my vision. Luckily my sister was nearby and she called my mom to tell her what was happening.

My mom calmly said I think you are having a migraine. Your aunt gets them.

I was never even much of a headache person up to that point so why did this suddenly happen to me? It took me 3 years of suffering, tons of major migraine drugs and days of suffering skull crushing mirgaines followed by my head pounding migraine hand over headaches before I figured out what was causing my migraines.

My migraines all started when I started drinking diet soda pop with artificial sweeteners and eating sugar-free treats with artificial sweeteners.

I had no idea that artifical sweeteners could do that to you! But for me I am very sensitive to them and haven’t eaten them before the migraines started so I had no idea. It took be 2 years after I stopped eating artifical sweeteners including aspartame and sucralose for them to completely leave my body and to stop having migraines!!

Robert H. Shmerling, MD Faculty Editor, Harvard Health Publishing said in his article, Could artificial sweeteners be bad for your brain?, “ a study has raised the possibility that artificial sweeteners in diet beverages may increase the risk of dementia and stroke.” I am in no way surprised by these findings. I’ve had more than one CT scan that has shown progressive white matter damage from what they think is a result of my server migraines. I was also told my neurologist that because of my migraines I'm at a high risk of stroke.

Through trial research, I found a few things that are tried and true techniques to help minimize the pain and suffering during a migraine.

It’s my personal migraine protocol. I’ve only had one migraine in the past 2 years and the last one I had was very minimized and did not need heavy prescription medications to manage the pain.

Let call it my personal Sweet Life Migraine Protocal. It’s a mostly natural way I have found to help calm down a migraine.

This is what I do.


My *personal Sweet Life Migraine Mostly Natural Protocol

NOTE: I do these with the first onset of a migraine - when I start getting blurry vision even before the kaleidoscope lights.

  • I eat a 1/2 teaspoon of salt - pink salt or another unrefined salt is best but if I don’t have immediate access to them I use table salt

  • I chug one 16 oz bottle of room temperature water - purified filtered water is best

  • I rub pure essential peppermint oil on my forehead, back of neck, ears, and bottom of my feet.

  • I get a hot pad and hold it at the bottom of my neck ( I have a sock filled with uncooked rice that I microwave for 2 minutes)

  • I take 600 mg of IBuprofen ( the non-natural part)

  • I alternate sipping on a caffeinated beverage and another 16 oz bottle of water until the water is gone.

I have used these things to help alleviate some if not most of the pain from excruciating migraine pain and averted the nausea and vomiting that has inevitably followed.

For those who suffer, I am so sorry. I have been there and I hope you find relief very soon xo -April